Madam Social dead, Biography, Age, Career and Net Worth – cause of death

Thanks for bringing laughter to us during your last days here in earth. Rest In Peace Madam Social. Madam social have joined her ancestors…. Celebrity at 80years, just when her comic talent is coming to limelight death decided to struck… You will surely be missed mama #RIPLegend

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Some members of the Church of Jehovah’s Witnesses visited the 80-year-old Anambra comedy “Lady Society” and warned them to stop their facial expulsion comedy skit.

The 80-year-old comedian, who celebrated her first million naira at the age of 80, was seen looking sad and moody and said she was afraid to be left alone.

Also saw her grandson MC Shade comfort her and tell her to forget what the missionaries told her.

A mobile number has been provided so her fans and supporters can call the livestream to share the miracle of encouragement with the elderly comedian.

Madamsocial came to light when her comedian son started playing her in his skits.

Although she was often motionless in the skits, she was always vocal, and her old age didn’t seem to affect her sense of humor.

Recall from that controversial preacher Mami G.O believes that comedians go to hell when they die, so the JW preacher hypothesis can be based on that.