Madi Brooks leaked twitter, madibrooks567 instagram videos and photos

A woman’s story is making the rounds on social media about sharing her husband with her mother and sister to make her happy.

In a video posted on TikTok, Madi Brooks explained that she and her mom are “swingers” who take care of her husband when she can’t.

“My mom and I are swingers and that’s great, do you know why? Because mom can take care of my husband when I don’t like her. I make my husband eat a couple of times a week,” the woman said in the video. in. She even insists that the lifestyle “makes him happy.”

In the video, the young woman is seen in a pink t-shirt, with her mother (in a yellow t-shirt) hugging the man in the background.

According to various local media reports, Mattie Brooks’ parents had such a lifestyle since childhood, so this “open” relationship was normal for her. Her sister also participated in the dynamic.

TikToker is a school teacher who lives in the United States with her husband.

Maddie also appeared in another video with her sister and her husband saying, “Do you want to know how I make my man happy?”

“I let him play with my sister. Yes, I’m that kind of wife,” she added.

The videos have garnered thousands of views and Daughter’s Life has been viewed more than eight million times.