Madness unleashed! Netflix could venture into a new field

UNITED STATES.- Undeniably Netflix is one of the platforms of streaming most popular and successful. Its vast catalog makes it have millions of subscribers. But recently a rumor has begun to brew that the company could be targeting another area to continue expanding: video game. Faced with this conjecture, social networks and various media have gone crazy.

The rumors are based on the fact that Netflix has already begun to approach the world of video games. Such is the case of the partnership with Riot Games for “Arcane“Or on the other hand” Castlevania “. While projects like “The Legend Of Zelda” remain on hold. Therefore, it is believed that the company may be one step ahead when thinking about creating its own video games.

In this sense, it was through The Information where it was revealed that the streaming giant is looking for an executive person to take care of the issue. In addition, it is mentioned that there are already several and several candidates in the field to be able to finalize the project. Also, it was specified that it may possibly work on a kind of subscription, such as with Apple Arcade.

Source: Pixabay.

Of course Netflix It has not commented on the matter and has only been emphatic in ensuring that its future intentions are to expand. “Our members value the variety and quality of our content. That is why we have continuously expanded our offer, from series to documentaries, films, originals in the local language and reality shows. ”, Revealed the platform itself.

In addition, it specified that its users enjoy interacting in the stories offered by the streaming service, highlighting the games based on Stranger Things, La Casa de Papel and To All the Boys. “We are excited to do more with interactive entertainment.” Will it be a wink from Netflix? Only time will tell if this rumor comes true.