Magomed Tushaev dead video reddit?, Ukrainian sources reported that Kadyrov’s right-hand man

The video is Here

Ukrainian sources reported that Kadyrov’s right-hand man, Magomed Tushaev, was killed.

Magomed Ankalaev

Apparently, Magomed Tushaev, a Chechen general, was killed in an ambush on the second day of his Ukraine tour. As the representative of a nation whose future Putin stole, this was quite a poetic punishment with a pawn for the fraternity.

I categorise this as unconfirmed pending confirmation and further information. Victor Andrusiv reports on his facebook page that a senior Russian military commander who commanded Chechen troops, Magomed Tushaev, was killed at Antonov airport.

Ukrainian Armed Forces announced that they destroyed a regiment of Kadyrov supporters Yevgeny Karas said that the head of the 141 motorized regiment of the Kadyrov guards, Magomed Tushaev, was killed.