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The Filipinos urge social media users not to post and share pictures and videos of the crime scene, as well as the remains of the Maguade brothers and sisters who were killed in North Cotabato.

Last week, it was reported that 18-year-old Crizzlle Gwynn Maguad and her 16-year-old brother were found beaten to death at their home in M’lang in broad daylight, while their parents were outside.

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According to reports, the survivor was a 17-year-old woman who was identified by the Philippine News Agency as a “visiting cousin.” According to reports, she locked herself in a room and asked for help through Facebook.

According to reports, she was taken care of by the local social welfare office for the last time.

The case has gone viral on social media. Filipinos are crying for justice and have created hashtags to raise awareness of the tragedy.

Crizzlle’s group and organization also paid tribute to this nursing student.

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However, others have been trying to raise awareness by posting photos and/or videos of the crime scene and the victim’s remains.

Some Filipinos are not satisfied with this, and they urge them not to do so in order to respect the grieving family and their privacy.

“Please ‘wag niyo po ikalat’yung to take pictures of the Maguad brothers and sisters. #JusticeForMaguadSiblings,” said a Twitter user.

“Respect the na lang po sa family nila. According to what I read on Facebook, Hindi po ata pinakita sa parents nila’yun. So please stop spreading it [because] baka makita ng parents nila sa socmed [social media] and masakit’yun sa part ng parents/fam nila,” she added.

“For the nagapa-circles sa pics sa Maguad brothers and sisters, this is a huge shame. Their family begs to stop doing this. You should respect this. Gee,” another online user tweeted.

A Facebook user also made a similar appeal.

“Sensitive pictures of the late Maguade brothers and sisters are circulating on the Internet. To this end, in order to respect the wishes and privacy of the family of the deceased, we urge all those who have copies of the above photos to delete and terminate [its] circulation,” he said.

“We kindly ask those who have seen photos of Maguad brothers and sisters not to share them. We urge you to consider and grieve for those close to your brothers and sisters, especially their parents. Thank you for your understanding. #JusticeforMaguadSiblings,” this online user Added.