Alleged ex-boyfriend of Magui Corceiro leaked video and photos twitter and reddit

It seems she doesn’t want to be here and share those words because twitter is more toxic than instagram. People are more cruel here and they attack her because of something that she isn’t guilty in it!What stupid people!But here is exacrly where i should be! @magui_corceiro

At the center of the controversy was a photo of the actress allegedly released without her consent. It is understood that Margarida Corceiro is underage in this photo posted by her ex-boyfriend.

MRandom News Alleged ex-boyfriend of Magui Corceiro leaked video and photos twitter and reddit

Margarida Corceiro’s name has been one of the trending topics on Twitter since Monday, March 21, when intimate photos of the actress were posted without her consent . This is a photo she allegedly took in 2018 when Margarita was a minor and sent to an alleged ex-boyfriend.

The 19-year-old model has yet to comment on the events, but Margarida Corceiro’s close friend Bárbara Bandeira shared a tweet from Inês Marinho that revealed the identity of the person suspected of spreading the photos. “Once again, women are victims of sexist crimes, and the spotlight is on her. But today we will change the outcome of things,” she wrote.

She added: “The perpetrator of sharing photos of ex-girlfriends without her consent when she was 15 was Bernardo Bernardino.”

In this sense, several netizens turned to the same social network to comment, such as Joana Albuquerque, a former contestant on TVI’s reality show “Big Brother.” “Arrest these disgusting bastards who share underage nudity just for it,” she wrote.

Influencer Inês Gonçalves commented on the situation in general terms, without directly naming Margarida Corceiro.

“There’s really nothing to say for men who continue to share intimate photos of their ex. It’s disgusting to know someone trusts such a person and then sees their intimacy exposed. Received the photos and talked to the subject People with a passive attitude are equally disgusting.”

It should be noted that effective dissemination and threatening to share such content are punishable by law. Section 192.º of the Criminal Code describes the actual disclosure of unauthorized content (whether images, videos, emails or even messages) as an invasion of privacy. But there are more items and points to consider.

“Anyone who takes or photographs another against his or her will, even at an event in which they are lawfully participating, or who uses or has used a photograph or film described in the preceding paragraph, even if legally obtained,” will be fined not more than one year. Or a fine of up to 240 days under section 199 of the Penal Code.

Depending on the type of assignment, there are even higher penalties. In this case, Article 197 of the Criminal Code provides for “communication through the media or through the Internet or other means of general public communication”.

This is a semi-public crime, which means that criminal proceedings depend on filing a lawsuit. So far, it is unclear whether the actress will take legal action, as she has not commented on the matter or identified the alleged ex-boyfriend. The agency’s representative for central model Margarida Corceiro, contacted by MAGG, also had no comment.

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