Mai Denzel zimbabwe pics leaked on twitter and reddit, shares her side of the story

The love triangle has Tariro or Mai Denzel with an egg on her face after an angry boyfriend sends her husband nude photos. Daniel Parangeta, a friend from the Chimhanda village in Rushinga, was reportedly disturbed by Tariro’s decision to leave him for his friends. It didn’t sit right with him, and he exposed Tariro to her husband, who confronted her about it.

After her husband called her relatives to update them on their prank, it went viral on social media, forcing her to plead guilty. In some recordings, Tarilo had to confess to her brother over the phone in the presence of her husband, who told her what to say.

I was surprised when her friend Daniel told me about his relationship with my wife, as if that wasn’t enough, and then he took nude pictures of my wife as proof that they were indeed in love.

“I then confronted my wife about it and asked her about Daniel and she ran away.

“Then I got a call from Daniel asking why I was asking Tariro about it, and he later told me Tariro was hiding out at my landlord’s house,” Baba Denzel said. Audio clips of a woman named Mai Denzel confessing to her husband, Baba Denzel, about promiscuity have led to a flood of social media praising the latter for keeping his cool about the situation.

According to the audio clip, Mai Denzel cheated on her spouse with two men. She dates her first lover, then breaks up with him to go on a date with his boyfriend. The jilted lover rushes to Baba Denzel to leak the secret, furious at McDenzel’s actions. He also sent him nude photos he had received from Denzel.