Majestic! 100 thousand images to create a single photo of the Sun that will leave you with your mouth open

UNITED STATES.- The Sun it remains one of the stars that arouses the greatest interest in the astrophysics community. Such is the case of Andrew McCarthy, who is fond of astronomy and has been given the task of composing a Photo 230 megapixels of our central star. Given this, the popular sphere that burns more than 150 million kilometers from Earth looks really majestic.

In this context, let us remember that for astrophotography lovers McCarthy is one of the most popular photographers. Among his work highlights images of the Moon, but everything seems to indicate that his thirst to show what is in the universe has led him to venture to nothing less than the Sun. Of course, his enormous work has turned around social networks and it is no wonder.

“Yesterday I took a 230 megapixel image of the Sun gathering more than 100,000 images,” he revealed through Reedit, while on Twitter he also expressed his excitement for his new equipment. “I have a new sunscreen today. I couldn’t wait to share my first photo with you! This system has the potential for much higher resolution photos of the sun, so look forward to much more to come! ”

Obviously, in Reedit he shared the compressed photo, since the gigantic number of pixels would cause a common computer to crash when trying to visualize the file. For their part, those who have the ability to see images in sublime quality can enter Patreon to stare at this wonder of the universe that could undoubtedly be a source of enormous inspirations.

Source: Andrew McCarthy on Patreon.

“People know me for taking crazy, very high-resolution photos of the moon, but until now, I haven’t achieved the same level of clarity with images that I was taking of the Sun,” explained Andrew McCarthy. In addition, he added that in order to answer this, he had to build his own telescope to be able to have clear images and, later, make a mosaic of thousands of photos, just like the snapshots shown in the POT.

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