Mak Parhar is dead, COVID-19 denier, flat earther & conspiracy theorist – Cause of death

A Metro Vancouver man accused of multiple violations of COVID-19 quarantine rules appeared in British Columbia. The first day of his trial was held in the Supreme Court of New Westminster on Thursday.

Mak Parhar is an outspoken COVID denier and conspiracy theorist who has been charged with three counts of violating the quarantine law. Allegedly, Parhar refused to self-quarantine after returning from a flat earth conference in the United States in November 2020.

At that time, he stayed in prison for four days. Outside the court, Pahar said he was facing an “illegal and illegal criminal trial.” “I didn’t hurt anyone, there was no evidence that I hurt anyone, and there was no evidence that I was sick, but they wanted to follow me as an example,” he said.

“You know, this is about quarantining health. What a ridiculous idea, what kind of clown world do we live in, let them isolate those who are perfectly healthy and have not been sick for 17 years.”

After the court session on Thursday, Pahar, who represented himself, told Global News that he felt he was “completely suppressed” by the judge. He said the judge often interrupted him.

He was also criticized for entering a medical institution during the first wave of the pandemic and shooting inside it to understand the “truth” of the pandemic. In April, the Supreme Court of British Columbia dismissed Parhar’s lawsuit against British Columbia.

The government, ruled that it was “embarrassing in the legal sense of the term; frivolous and unreasonable; and an abusive procedure.” Parhar admitted that his actions caused problems in his personal and family relations, but insisted that he was defending his rights and freedoms. His trial is scheduled for two days.

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