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The translator of “Caramelo” Makbabbyy announced that due to its attractiveness to young audiences, she will open her Onlyf account and warned that she would only share artistic material.

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“Most of my fans are chibolos. I have always been with them, but even sometimes they are daring … I must clarify that my show is only artistic. That is why I want to open my ‘Onlf'”, Announced said in an interview with the newspaper “Trome”.

“Everything will become very artistic, I have an image to take care of, but they will like it, and I will do it with a lot of emotion. So I will tell Leslie Shaw to take care of herself, I’m here, hahaha,” he said. additional.

On the other hand, Makbabbyy assured that she is happy to return to face-to-face functions in accordance with all regulations, because she cannot stop working because she must continue to support her family.

“Yes, I started to take all the security measures because the pandemic is not over yet, but I have to work for my children and I cannot leave them helpless. I stayed in bed for a few days, but got up, even though I had to put up with it all, but I was turning the page and starting over, “he said.