Writer and storyteller Mannu Bhandari Dead at the age of 90 – cause of death

Famous Hindi writer and story writer Mannu Bhandari has passed away. She was 90 years old. Born on April 3, 1939, in Bhanpura village of Mandsaur district in Madhya Pradesh, Mannu Bhandari’s childhood name was Mahendra Kumari, but adopted her name as Mannu in writing. M.A.

Till then he had studied. After this, he served as a teacher in the prestigious Miranda House College in Delhi. Bhandari reached the pinnacle of popularity with the novel ‘Aapka Bunty’.

Her daughter, Rachana Yadav, told PTI that Bhandari had an age-related illness and that her body had been infected. She was hospitalized at the Narayana Super Specialty Hospital in Gurgaon in the past week.She was born in Bambara, Madhya Pradesh in 1931. She is the wife of the late Hindi novelist Rajendra Yadav, a pioneer of the Hindi literature movement “Nayi Kahani” .

In 1974, her famous novel “Yahi Sach Hai” was adapted into the movie “Rajnigandha”. In 1975, it won a number of film awards, including the best film award.Bandari’s daughter, Rachana Yadav (Rachana Yadav) survived.

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