Manny Charlton dead, Scottish guitarist – cause of death Manuel “Manny” Charlton

Manuell (Manny) Charlton (1941-2022), former Nazareth has left the stage for good. One of the absolutely best guitarists ever excisted. R.I.P R.I.P. Manny Charlton #Nazareth #MannyCharlton

We are starting the week in the middle, already enjoying the summer temperatures and hoping to continue delivering the best music on the planet. The best of rock and the most powerful metal await you 24 hours a day, with the funniest live shows, on MariscalRock Radio. Today at 15:00 PST we will start our live with Rock Machine, a great show presented by Txus Tankian. An hour of unmissable hits that you have to listen to very carefully.

Manny Charlton of Nazareth died and my boyfriends family (who are related(?) to him) responded by going to a water park lmao

Manny Charlton, Manuel Escudero (Sacramento) and Mariscal Romero perform TIDAL’s latest hit Mariano Muniesa will take over at 4:00 p.m. to show us the two-hour daily radio program that his rock star put together, keeping us informed what happens in the rock and metal scene.

Starting at 6:00 p.m., Mariskal Romero will take charge to give us a new installment of the Marisal Romero Show – Musicolandia, a reference rock radio program in our language. On today’s show we will have Manuel “Manny” Carlton, guitarist of the mythical Nazarene until the ’90s, and soon to be producer of Guns N’ Roses ‘Appetite for Destruction’, the great talk.

Another tribute, in this case Leo Carnicella’s tribute to Alfredo Escalante, will also sound on the program. It goes without saying that Mariscal was deeply moved by the EP ‘Hasta un Nuevo Amanecer’, dedicated to the figure of the legendary Venezuelan radio host who died in 2016. It is highly recommended for all lovers of symphonic progressive rock, and which has the quality of hooking Tony Franklin, one of the most famous artists of the genre in the world, to this project.