Marc Márquez and the change of mentality to return to MotoGP: “I was not afraid”

This weekend saw one of the most anticipated comebacks of the sport. After nine months of absence in the championship of MotoGP, Marc Márquez He returned to compete officially and did it in a great way. The Spaniard finished in seventh place in a race in which he came very close to the podium positions. Upon arriving at the box, collapsed in tears and moved everyone: «I was not afraid«Said the Spaniard.

The physical condition of Márquez was a total unknown, something that even the Cervera pilot himself wondered. However, the doubt of being able to finish the race was dissipating with the passing of the laps. The comfort of the bike and finding the rhythm again appeared little by little. In addition, the mental state was never a problem for Márquez, since according to his words, fear did not appear throughout the weekend in Portugal.


“I am very happy with how the weekend went and with feeling like a pilot again. I haven’t ridden the way I want yet, but I did get what I wanted the most, which was to ride a MotoGP. Mentally I have freed myself and every time I think about it my voice cuts out a little, but it has been quite hard, “Márquez confessed after getting excited in the team’s pits. Repsol Honda.


Márquez’s physical problems could have increased in the event of a crash, especially on a circuit as complicated as Portugal’s. However, the Spaniard confessed that as the weekend went by, the fear of having a fall gradually disappeared, despite seeing his brother’s falls Alex Marquez, wave of Jorge Martin.

«When you see the fall of my brother and that of Martín, you say: ‘I want to. This can hurt you like I have already done. ‘ But I have not felt fear because if you feel it you cannot drive as I have driven. I have not understood how I was able to ride fast. At no time have I felt the bike, but it was alone and well. At the end of the race I did feel a limitation, but there were seven laps to go and we had to finish, ”declared Márquez after the Portuguese Grand Prix.

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