Marc Márquez reappeared and excites his fans

In the last hours, Marc Márquez He was active again on social networks. After a brief silence, the Spanish driver showed again how he is preparing to get back on the slopes soon. Márquez continues his recovery process after missing the first two races of the 2021 season of MotoGP.

“Non-stop,” says the Honda as he continues to work with the force on his injured arm. Márquez had to undergo three operations on his right shoulder, and a year off from the MotoGP circuit. The last year was the first in his arrival at the Motorcycle World Championship in which he did not add any points for the championship.

There is still no guaranteed date for Márquez’s return to competition. However, the last few weeks were one of great hope for him. Although he was ruled out for the pre-season tests and the first two dates in Qatar, Márquez has already accelerated a large-displacement motorcycle, in Portugal and in Barcelona.

Next week, in the preview of the Portuguese Grand Prix, Márquez’s medical team will meet. On Monday, April 12, both Sling, the medical team like Márquez, will announce the final decision for the race in Portimao. According to several sources close to the pilot, the decision will be made that same day, so his presence is not confirmed or ruled out.

Before the first race, Márquez had already anticipated that he will not be on top of the RC213V until you are 100% fit. “Considering the evolution time and the current state of the bone consolidation process, doctors consider it prudent and necessary not to accelerate the return to the circuits,” he said a few weeks ago.

Marc Márquez

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