Marc Márquez’s team warning: “He will think about the title”

So close and yet so far. The return of Marc Márquez It expands with the passage of time and the fans are waiting for the most anticipated news to be confirmed by all. However, we will have to wait until April 12, when the medical board of the multi-champion of MotoGP meet to evaluate the next steps. According to his right hand, Marc «Will think about the title»When you get back on track.

Santi Hernandez, one of the closest and best known men who works together with Marc Márquez, spoke with the medium ‘Fast Bikes Magazine’ and warned the competitors of the Motorcycle World Championship. There he assured that his friend will be fighting for the crown until the end of the season. However, he did not confirm when the official return of Márquez will be.


To begin, Hernández assured that it was difficult for the team to see that Márquez could not compete throughout the 2020 season. “It was a strange situation. At first it was strange because Stefan bradl he’s the test driver, and we thought it was only for three races. But then we saw that Marc was not coming, so Stefan did the whole season.


Márquez’s right-hand man assured that despite the absence of his friend, nothing changed in terms of the objectives of Sling. «For the team there is no change. We want Marc to come back as soon as possible, because that is our goal. We will try to prepare everything we can to be ready for when Marc returns. The most important thing is that things are ready for his return, “added Hernández.

Title fight

Finally, Hernández commented that although Márquez will not reach one hundred percent of his physical condition, he will always seek to fight for the title. “First of all, we have to see how Marc feels on the bike. But when you work with a driver like him, he always has to think about trying for the championship. I think he will think about the title. We have to be prepared for when he returns », he reiterated, according to the medium ‘’.

Marc Márquez

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