Marcos Rios is dead – Obituary 2021 – cause of death

Partner of Carey and co-head of the Corporate / Mergers & Acquisitions / Insurance / Government Procurement Groups. His practice focuses on mergers and acquisitions, government procurement, corporate compliance, insurance, real estate and gaming law matters.

Host Hotels & Resorts sold 100% of its Chilean subsidiaries Inversiones y Hotelera Host San Cristóbal and Hotelera Host San Cristóbal to Fondo de Inversión Inversiones Hoteleras, through its subsidiaries Mirador del Cerro and Inversiones Hoteleras Holding.

Chair-Elect of the International Law Section (2021-2022); Vice Chairman of the International Law Section (2020-21); Income Officer, Executive Committee, Administrative Committee and Council Members (2017-2018); Member Officials, Executive Committee, Administrative Committee And board members (2015-2016); director and director of the Finance Division (2012-2015); senior consultant, chairman, and vice chairman of the American Bar Association (ABA) Latin America and Caribbean Committee (2004-2014).

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