Margo Guryan is dead, Talented performer, arranger, and songwriter – cause of death

Very sad to hear the passing of Margo Guryan. ‘Take A Picture’ is one of my favourite albums ever and so ahead of its time.

He combined his love of jazz with his appreciation for Brian Wilson’s Californian pop music to create one of the great hidden gems of the 1960s, “Take A Picture”, which is a subtle miracle that demonstrates his appreciation for music, his skill and sensitivity. Musical creation.

New Yorker Margo Guryan (born September 30, 1937) grew up surrounded by classical music and jazz, she studied music at Boston University and was away from the pop world as a pianist and composer in her early years.

When a friend gave her the album “Pet Sounds”, the Beach Boys’ masterpiece, everything changed and she Margot fell in love with the song “Only God Knows”.

Margo Guryan’s log photo was at that time. In addition to her admiration for Miles Davis, Max Roach or Bill Evans, she was also passionate about Brian Wilson’s meticulous study and composition work. She encouraged him to be refined and to enhance the complexity of Popular as her writing comes from the frontman of The Beach Boys.

Previously, even though Margot had worked with many artists as a songwriter since the late 1950s, her solo career was realized through “Photographing” (1968), which is an LP released by Bell Records, containing A excellent smooth album. Music immersed in popular music, psychedelic and jazz music, beautiful melodies and sounds are enchanting and whispering.

One of the most famous songs on the album “Sunday Morning” was recorded by the sunshine pop band Spanky & Our Gang and achieved relative success.

This album was arranged by Margo herself and produced by her husband David Rosner and John Simon (producers of The Band and Blood, Sweat & Tears), and it didn’t attract people’s attention at all.

Among the music lovers of the following decades, the situation was quite the opposite: they paid the price of gold for vinyl records.

The album was re-released in 2000.

Due to the lack of commercial success, Margo Guryan did not release any more solo albums, and she was steeped in the identity of a music teacher, songwriter, and pianist.

Among the many artists who have sung versions of her songs, there are names like Mama Cass, Jackie DeShannon, Julie London or Astrud Gilberto.

In 2001, she released the album “25 Demos” (2001).

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