Who Is Mariam Habid tiktok? Video leaked Andrew Tate twitter

Mariam Hadid wreaked havoc on the internet, especially in the Islamic community, as her Tiktok videos went viral. She is best known for her modeling work on TikTok and the adult film industry. She is also a TikTok celebrity, model and social media influencer. Recently, TikTok deleted her account on the grounds that she claimed inappropriate content about religion and used religion as a medium to gain more followers for her account.

Who is Mariam Habib?

Mariam Hadid is an Ivy-school engineer, gamer, and adult film model. She is a graduate of B.S. Harvard University with a major in Engineering (college major) and Mathematics.

She rose to fame thanks to her widely shared videos and pictures, but people are still fascinated by her hourglass figure and glamorous looks.

Hadid’s fan base on social networking sites has seen a surreal growth, especially on TikTok, where she regularly posts videos about various trends and challenges. She is also a coser. Most of their videos carry a little trouble from cosplay and their themes.

Mariam Habib TikTok hijab video sparks backlash on social media
Hadid has been in the media spotlight for her videos on TikTok. Most of their posts are indecent and violate the norms of the Islamic religion. She did many unholy things and talked to the hijab.

After her video went viral, many people commented and posted about her on TikTok. Your account is immediately banned from TikTok. However, she is still active on Instagram and Twitter.

She falsely influenced people by claiming that she was the Prophet Muhammad himself who was sent to earth by Allah and that she was the “first female prophet”. She insists that people join their new religion and abandon their old religion because she believes that is what Allah wants people to do.

She also mentioned that she was riding a flying donkey to talk to Allah in heaven. Hadid believed she was the last prophetess and there would be no successor after her. And it’s clear that many people don’t believe her and fight back.

Mariam Habib was born in 2002 and is 20 years old. She follows the Muslim (Islamic) religion but claims to be a prophetess of a whole new religion.