Who is Marina Yers? photos and videos leaked onlyf

Thanks to a video released three weeks ago, Marina Yers has once again become a trend on social media, admitting that it makes vomiting feel better. Social media was quick to express anger at the previous comments, especially considering the number of young fans owned by Ukrainian influencers. A few hours are enough for him to decide to admit her mistake and ask for forgiveness.

She did it through Instagram stories, and she has amassed more than 1.5 million followers on this platform. Marina Yers published a long article that began with this: “Everyone, I apologize publicly for the unfortunate story I told a few weeks ago that I like to throw up. Obviously, this is not the case.”

Marina Yers explained why her act of giving back brought her some kind of happiness. “I take (sometimes) sleeping pills, and recently I found out that their side effect is that I’m nauseous. Well, a lot of times I’m nauseous and I don’t feel bad until I throw up (I repeat, I don’t know one of the side effects of those pills) is nausea. ), I feel dizzy and want to vomit all the time. When he does this, like the person who gets drunk and spits the alcohol mixture on him, that person feels much better after doing this, right? the same thing happened, ”he said.

In fact, in this article, Marina Yers admitted that she had realized that her words could be misinterpreted, so she decided to delete the video immediately: “But anyway, I realized that this is a story to both minutes of posting the story. .Comment. I’m so sorry, I decided to delete it. It was really two minutes, and I said, ‘Bah, I’m as stupid as a house. I want to delete it.’

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