Mecum Legend Mark Delzell is dead – Obituary 2021 – Cause of death

Today is Mark Delzell’s 60th birthday, and he unfortunately passed away yesterday at the age of 59. After years of serious work, as an indispensable part of the auction industry, he survived the chaos of 2020, and the legend will be remembered by people with his professionalism, energy and charm.

“Mark’s unparalleled talent as an auctioneer helped to develop high-energy, high-speed Mecum Auctions machines that attracted audiences from all over the world. Without Mark, there may never be the Mecum Auctions we know today.

His talent will endure. His inspiration will be passed on forever, and whenever Mecca takes the stage, his legacy will last forever. Mentor, legend, the cornerstone of Mecca, our family.

Thank you, Mark. “Read the official statement issued by Mecum Auctions today in recognition of the hard-working auctioneers.

Mark has been with the company for 34 years and he rarely misses auctions. In the past ten years or so, he has developed with the changes of the times, and can use technology to make things in the auction process go smoothly-changing the era of paper and pen.

It is his strong energy that encourages people to race to take home the car of their dreams. Many, many series started with excitement sparked by Mark. Under Mark’s publicity, a car worth millions of dollars was auctioned off, and the industry will never forget him.

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