Mark Feely found dead, sex order breach case -whats happened?

The lawsuit against Mark Feely for SEX violations has been dropped.

Phili, 35, of no fixed address, was due to appear in Leeds Magistrates Court on October 7 to face charges of breaching a sexual risk order or a sexual harm risk order.

But the court dismissed the case against Feili.

This was on September 2, when West Yorkshire Police placed the case on an application to change the 35-year-old’s bail terms.

Phili did not attend, but when he was there, West Yorkshire Police gave no evidence and the court decided to drop the case.

After this result, the application to change the deposit is also no longer required.

The case relates to July 31 this year when Feely allegedly used a Snapchat account in Henslet, Leeds, whose username was unknown to police.

Two years ago, an order from Birmingham Magistrates’ Court on April 17, 2007, caught his attention.