Mark Philippoussis’s father Nick is dead?

Australian tennis coach Nick Philippoussis suffered a severe stroke in a US prison and he may never face trial for sexually assaulting two young girls he trained in California.A judge in San Diego was informed on Thursday that the 68-year-old Phillipsis is the father of the former top 10 Australian player Marketing? Phillipsis. He developed catatonia after a stroke and was guarded in a public hospital and handcuffed to a hospital bed. The last few months.

Philippoussis has been detained since his shock arrest for allegedly sexually abusing two 9-year-old girls in July, but because of his poor health, Judge Michael Washington agreed to cancel the $9.2 million (A$11.7 million) bail A hearing will be held in June to check his condition.

In July, Philippoussis pleaded not guilty to 14 charges of sexual assault. He faces the maximum life sentence.In a statement at the time of his arrest, the San Diego Sheriff’s Department stated that Phillipsis had been serving as a personal tennis coach, and the 9-year-old girls had allegedly been taking tennis lessons from him.

The release of bail will no longer require guards and handcuffs, and will allow his son and other family members unrestricted access.Mr. Tegnallia refuted the speculation that Phillipsis might be pretending to be ill to avoid trial and imprisonment.

“No one accuses him of trying to speed up the train,” Mr. Tegenilla said.He will stay in the hospital and his passport has been handed over to the prosecutor.

Deputy District Attorney Garret Wong said he consulted the doctor who cared for Philippoussis and was told that “his prognosis is very poor”.

“We don’t think he poses a threat to the safety of the public,” Mr. Huang said.The victim and his family also listened to Phillipsis’s condition briefing and told him that it was not a threat.”We were told that recovery is unlikely,” Mr. Tegnalia said.

Phillipsis coached his son Mark when he was a professional player. During his father’s coaching period, Mark won the Davis Cup World Championship twice in 1999 and 2003, and reached the finals at the 1998 U.S. Open and 2003 Wimbledon.Mark parted ways with his father professionally in 2006, when he said that the report that he and his father fell out was wrong.

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