Marko Grilc “Grilo” dead in accident, The best Slovenian freestyle snowboarder

With a heavy heart we share that yesterday, our dear friend and Burton team rider Marko “Grilo” Grilc passed away in an accident while snowboarding. Our heart goes out to his fiancé Nina and their children, family, and friends, who all shared his love and passion for snowboarding.

Austrian police announced that a 38-year-old Slovenian was accidentally killed while preparing to shoot a movie in the ski resort of Sölden, Austria. The portal announced that he was a well-known freestyle skier, very successful, Marco. . Gerry Lake.

According to the Austrian news agency APA, the surfer fell into thick snow and hit a snowy rock. According to police, he did not wear a helmet while surfing. Despite an emergency recovery, the 38-year-old Slovenian died from his injuries.

Marko Grilc is one of the most successful Slovenian snowboarders of all time and undoubtedly the best and most recognized Slovenian freestyle snowboarder. Four-time junior world champion, Big Air World Cup champion (London 2010), 2009 Innsbruck Billabong Air & Style champion, O’Neil Evolution Slopestyle champion a year later, second place overall in the World Cup.

He is also one of the pioneers in making sports movies online and has been targeting social media for more than a decade. “I soon felt that the future is there. Through these channels, we can not only show surfing, but also show other things, inspired by everyday life,” he told in January this year.

The more he surfs, the more he gets excited and has taken a step towards exploring the limits of the possible, he has recently promoted surfing among young people and represents various brands.

Last year, he won the sports award for best athlete-level social media management.

“There is no age limit for anything in life, you decide when to give up. I will never stop surfing,” he said in an interview with Sportal in April 2017. Just a few months ago, he suffered a serious back injury in the fall, which caused a fundamental change in the priorities of his life.

His family ranked first. Both Maxx, 10, and Emma, ​​6, inherited his love of water and snowboarding from his father. The third child he and his fiancee, musician Ninon Key, are expecting is about to be born … Marko will not receive it.

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