Mary Crockett and Chris Harless dead and Obituary – cause of death

A couple who met in the Western District Prison died together on Thursday. Police believe this was part of a murder-suicide incident in Lawrence County, Ohio. The victims of the shooting were identified as 25-year-old corrections officer Christopher Paul Harless (Christopher Paul Harless) and 24-year-old Mary Dawn Crockett, the latter being Harless Former inmate of the working western region prison.

Both live in Huntington. According to a press release issued by the Lawrence County Sheriff’s Office, investigators are not sure which side shot the other. Crockett’s mother, Loretta Neace, and his mother, Tina Brooks, said that when the two met, Crockett served a sentence for maliciously wounding. State officials transferred her to the juvenile offender shelter in Greenbrier County, but their relationship continues.

“He wrote to her like a pen pal,” Brooks said. The marriage was on the horizon before the couple’s engagement turned into tragic violence after the two moved into a new apartment last month.

Each mother blamed the other’s children for breaking the marriage contract. Both shared stories about their children being unable to escape the control of others. Both accused the other’s child of abuse, but both agreed that the 24 hours before Friday is hell. “She is a beautiful person,” Neace said. “She just has a personality.” Both of the deceased were survived by the toddler from the previous relationship.

Neace described her daughter as frightened by the recent abuse. She sought asylum in Neace’s home on Tuesday and filed a petition for domestic violence. Crockett tried to abandon the petition on Wednesday, and the two met again during the lunch break on Thursday. Crockett clocked out from the Beltone Hearing Aid Center at 11:21 am. Fifty-six minutes later, investigators received news of the shooting near an auto parts building in Getaway, Ohio, about 5 miles north of Chesapeake.

Without realizing this discovery, when Crockett did not return after the 30-minute lunch break, the frustration quickly turned into a concern for the supervisor Cindy Reimann. The colleagues quickly notified Reimann of Crockett’s planned lunchtime meeting to retrieve some items from Harless.

The sheriff’s office said they met at a nearby gas station and drove there. Colleagues and supervisors warned Crockett to be careful, but boss Martha Mattinley said that they never dreamed that she would die. She closed an office with 12 employees earlier on Thursday. She said that many employees did not sleep well all night. On Friday, they were still in shock.

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