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Full disclosure: I’m going to play golf on Sunday. I do not have any other option. The temperature in Northwest Ohio is over 90 degrees. What I have to do is not just sit on the couch for 6-7 hours on September 12, because the NFL season is now 17 full weeks long and the regular season ends on January 9.

I know what you’re thinking: are you crazy? ! ? Look, I can still hear the broadcast of the Browns’ loss in Kansas City and Sunday night’s game where Chris Collinsworth once again went into sex drive mode against Matthew Stafford, acting like he doesn’t know. This guy has a great arm. At this point, Collinsworth’s guessing game is ridiculous. We are talking about the people who run Pro Football Focus.

In any case, I was able to catch a lot of football and my dream season is still going on. The Browns did everything they could to make sure the Chiefs led a game at home.

At Cincinnati, Joe Burrow made 20 of 27 shots for 261 yards and two touchdown passes. I didn’t turn on the phone and found that the Bangladesh fans were terrified on the offensive line. That is refreshing. Along with Joe Mixon rushing for 127 yards with 29 goals to ease the pressure off Burrow as he stood in his pockets with his rebuilt knees, we had a perfect weekend.

In other words, the Browns will obviously destroy some opponents on their way to the playoffs, and Burrow will face Khalil Mack in the road game before his trip to Pittsburgh next week.

Carry on … How about the weekend Tennessee fans just put up with? Vols lost on Saturday, and then the Titans were completely defeated by the Cardinals. After the weekend that just passed, pray for Clay’s sanity.

My golf team finished with -10 and should be closer to the club players, if the tournament director says to play from the cue, if you play from the white player, don’t pretend to be closer to the club, it’s a good idea . The day will soon be the friends who took refuge at home with a jar of peppers and blankets on Sunday. We had to play that golf before the weather changed.

Check out this tweet from Jeff, he’s trying to get me a raise or a seat on the OutKick bus for the Alabama-Texas A&M game. No, I didn’t pay Jeff to speak. I don’t know who that Jeff is, but if Clay suddenly tells me I can sleep on the couch in college town, I’ll give him a Venmo for $ 20.

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