Masked singer Australia 2021 leaked – The Professor on The Masked Singer Australia is REVEALED

The professor is the third player to unmask his mask in the “Masked Singer” episode on Sunday night. After the slogan “Take it off”, the mysterious celebrity was revealed as Australian singer Ben Lee. The dramatic unveiling shocked all the judges, because no one could guess his identity throughout the competition. “Why no one guessed Ben? We didn’t even get close! Danny Milo said when he heard the news..

Earlier in this episode, Dannii guessed Jimmy Rees, Dave Hughes and Simon Baker went together, Jackie’O’ Henderson guessed Zac in Hanson, and Urzila Carlson thought it was Brandon Flowers in The Killers. But when they heard that it was the Noise Addict star, they all took a sigh of relief, and later he said that he was happy that he was not eliminated by the first place vote in the game. When the host Osher Günsberg asked him why he decided to do this show, Ben replied: “I like to do anything that makes me feel strange. When I heard about it, I thought-it’s so weird, I like it very much.

“Once you become a parent, you will do many things to entertain your children.” The judges said that what they were most annoyed about was a clue involving Rose, and Ben replied: “That’s because Rose Byrne and I starred in a movie called The Rage in Placid Lake together!” Ben is the third player to appear on the show. Celebrity chef George Calombaris was revealed as The Duster a week ago.

“I can’t believe I just did this,” George said after taking off his mask. “This is crazy-MasterChef for 11 years, compared to this, it’s easy,” he told the judges. British actor and former professional football player Pooh Jones was exposed under the volcano in his debut this season. Masked singer Australia continues to air on Channel 10 at 7:30 PM on Monday night

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