Matthew Robertson dead and obituary, Matthew James Robertson passed away

Matthew James Robertson passed away on Monday, June 6, 2022 at the age of 30. He is survived by wife Graziella, baby-to-be, parents Tommie and Cathy Robertson, brother and brother-in-law Scott and Jenna Robertson, grandmother Patsy Brewer, father-in-law and godfather Peter Fragale, mother-in-law and godfather Christina Fragale, Nono Angelo and Nona Maria Silvestri, sister-in-law Angela, Anna Ross and Gianna Fragher, brother-in-law John Fragher, nephew William Robertson and niece Blair Robertson. Matt also has Uncle Tim and Aunt Julie Robertson, Uncle Steve and Aunt Teresa Robertson, Aunt Teresa and Uncle Jim Lamb, Uncle Ted and Aunt Sarah Brewer, Aunt Eminell , Aunt Silvana and Uncle Rocco Zambrano, Aunt Madeline and Uncle Mohamed Juda, Aunt Francine and Uncle Nikki DiGaudio, and cousins ​​Eric and Allie Lamb, Aaron with Tiffany Robertson, Kyle Robertson, Stacey and Brian Jung, Kelly Lamb, Michelle and Alex Alonso, Hayley Neal, Burton Brewer, Ai Hamed Juda, Brianna Zambrano, Joseph Joudah, GraceAnn DiGaudio, Frank Zambrano, Angelo Joudah and Frankie DiGaudio.

Matt was a beloved husband, father, son, brother, uncle, nephew, grandson, cousin, friend and colleague. He maintains relationships with his best friend in Nebraska, his cousins, his Morningside friends, and his colleagues at H&A Media, AAA, and Criteo. He was inspired to form RCIA in November 2021 and was happily baptised at St Mary’s Church in East Islip in April. Matt has the biggest heart and leaves a lot of room for his life. He enjoys traveling, meeting new people, watching fireworks, playing Frisbee golf, Schmigos, bourbon and the finer things in life. Every time he finishes a hand of Texas Hold’em, you can expect him to say, “Remember to tip your dealer!”. He loves to play drums and is affectionately known as the “Matty Sticks” in the Fragale family band. He is proud of his Long Island home and is always working to make it more beautiful. His passion for graphic design came when he founded his company Nimbl Media, although he designed logos and prints for family and friends pro bono. He loves the band Rebelution and has proudly performed in more than 10 concerts. He is often found playing college football with his Huskers, sipping espresso, baking orange slice cookies, snuggling (or forcing her to mumble) on the couch with Grace, or with his two favorite kids (his ring bearer and flower girl) face to face… , William and Brooklyn, and two of his favorite puppies, Toby and Oliver. Anyone who was lucky enough to meet him was instantly drawn to his charisma. Grace was like that when fate brought Matt from Nebraska to New York in October 2018. His love for Grace was overwhelming, and he immediately embraced Italian New York culture. He would do anything for her family and always give his siblings a call. He’s the most romantic partner and surprises Gracie with 10 handwritten notes and white roses on her wedding day. After their wedding on September 5, 2021, they gave us the most amazing gift, a new joy to come in July 2022.

Matthew has been officially diagnosed with epithelioid angiosarcoma, an extremely aggressive and rare cancer that targets his blood vessels. He was taken away from us too quickly, just three weeks after his first visit to the ER.