Mauro Viale dies today the Argentine journalist at 73 years of a heart attack

Mauro Viale died on Sunday after a cardiac arrest at Sanatorio Los Arcos. The 73-year-old journalist has been hospitalized with photos of severe coronavirus since Saturday. Drivers from A24 and America received their first dose of the Covid-19 vaccine last Thursday. On Saturday, after experiencing certain symptoms consistent with the virus, he took a swab and tested positive. He died of cardiac arrest.

Viale suffered a cardiac arrest. This reporter is the idol of Argentine television and the pioneer of Argentine talk shows. His public television program Mediodíascon Mauro has a high audience, he currently works at Polémicaen el Bar. On the other hand, he conducts a radio program in Rivadavia on Sunday. His son is also a journalist, Jonatan Viale, who published an emotional image of him on the web a few hours ago. Two days later, his partner Javier Díaz shared with viewers of the Todo en uno series about Viale’s experience with the disease. He said: “El Mauro is at home and is recovering with a fever and some symptoms.”

Faced with this situation, his son, also a well-known journalist, Jonatan Viale (Jonatan Viale) expressed his encouragement to his father on his Instagram account this afternoon. “My favorite photo. You will be fine because you are a bull. Thank you for delivering the message of love and strength. We need you very much,” he wrote next to a photo, seeing them both talking with Jonny His eldest son Romeo. Play with him. The publication received thousands of “likes” and hundreds of positive reviews. Journalist Mauro Viale, who was hospitalized for bilateral pneumonia due to coronavirus photos, was hospitalized at the Los Arcos Nursing Home this Sunday at the age of 73.

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