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A woman well-known in the skydiving world died Saturday in a skydive accident in Hendry County. WINK News interviewed a man who jumped off a building with her who saw what led to the disaster.

Greg Flowers says Susan Sweetman has what skydivers call a “line twist.” That is, when she pulled down her parachute, the rope was twisted, preventing the parachute from fully opening.

So this begs the question; what about backup parachutes? It is said that timing is everything, and this time is not enough.

Flowers said he was praying when Sweetman fell. “I said, you know, Lord, please protect her and help her because she’s below the height she can do anything.”

He prayed, helpless as the last seconds of Sweetman’s life passed by in a hurry.

“She’s been wrestling with these twists and turns for far too long,” Flowers said.

After Sweetman’s death, many important questions remained unanswered, such as how the lines got so twisted that she couldn’t fix them.

Flower said, “Well, that’s a good question. The problem is it’s a height thing. She cuts at 200 feet. It’s too late.”

Still, Sweetman isn’t remembered for being too late, but usually for being the first.

“A 13-time national who has won medals and USPA National Championships in skydiving,” Flowers said.

There are no medals or awards to show how she serves the heart in heaven and on earth.

Flower said: “She’s the best person. Oh my god. She’s the best person you could ever meet. I really liked her and it ruined her. We all. When that happened , we’re all down. You know we’re still down.”

WINK News spoke to Rick Hornsby, owner of Skydive Spaceland, the company Sweetman joined after her death. He said he was too desperate to be interviewed.