MC Bruninho is dead? cause of death – Obituary

A rapper who became famous with songs such as “Sou Favela”, “Jogo Do Amor” and “Beijinho Gostoso”. He belongs to the record company and management company GR6 Music. In July 2018, he shared the song “É Meu É Nada” on his Soundcloud page. He was nominated for the Best Newcomer Award at the Nickelodeon International Children’s Channel Brazil Children’s Choice Awards. He was born in Brazil.

Bruninho / Richardson has loved music since he was (or even younger). In addition to repairing mobile phones, his father also served as a conductor in a Recife school, he was also a percussionist in a band called Relíquia do Samba, and often took him to performances.

“He likes to sing and people say he is very talented. I can tell his tone from the timbre of his voice, but I never thought he would become an artist,” Barbosa said.

At age 9, Bruninho told his father that he wanted to write a song. He took the notebook and went to the room where they lived in the Otto neighborhood of San Tresingha, the capital of Pernambuco. He wrote the verse for “My love for you / You won’t understand everything.” When he read that article, his father said that he told the boy, “Okay, but this will not produce music. You have to write more.”

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