Meet Eternal First God, a story that mixes “Pokémon” and “Naruto”

Featuring a story with pets that are both Legendary Beasts and connect with their trainers, Eternal First God is a manhua that started to be published recently, but soon it drew attention for mixing elements of Pokémon and Naruto.

If you’re not familiar with the term, manhua is the name used to refer to “manga” produced in China, similar to the manhwa, which are comic books of South Korean origin. In the case of Eternal First God, we follow the journey of Li Tianming, a young man who owns a small “pet bird”, but who is actually the eternal Infernal Phoenix.

The story currently has eight chapters translated, and although its style may cause a bit of awkwardness for some manga readers, its beginning already presents very interesting concepts, such as the connection between the coaches and their respective fellow beasts.

This connection is made through a meditation process, where the trainer and the beast connect their veins, increasing each other’s strength. However, unlike Pokémon, at the time of combat the trainer actively participates in the fight, battling and using magical techniques alongside his crossbow.

Another aspect similar to what we see in Naruto it is the beast itself that accompanies Li Tianming, which has a completely absurd level of power, but different from Kurama, this Phoenix also works as one of the greatest comic reliefs in history, since its appearance does not match its strength.

Putting it all together, Eternal First God is definitely a manhua with a lot of potential, and that can interest fans of both Pokémon and Naruto.

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