Meet ‘Trying’, the incredible series about adoption

In the United States, adoption has been an avenue for many couples who cannot have children naturallyAlthough there are many requirements to meet, there are families who prefer this method to increase the number of members.

Apple TV +: Meet ‘Trying’, the incredible series about adoption

There is a visual document that the Pandemic brought us, where this process and the formation of new families are portrayed thanks to the adoption process.

“Trying” is a kind and charming series, in which Jason (Rafe Spall) and Nikki (Esther Smith)They are a young couple living in London and discover that their infertility problems will prevent them from having children.

From this moment on, they begin to deal with a series of situations that will lead them to seek alternatives, this, to form the family they long for.

In all couples there are always existential crises

This Apple TV + series could conflict many people, however, its human vision allows us to see the insecurities and mistrust of Jason and Nikki, as well as existential couple crises.

But not only that, remember that in a family there are also work problems and competition with other adults to show that they have everything under control.

Although we know that this is not possible, social networks have helped to encourage these fantasies, but “Trying” shows the harsh reality of a family common that you can not have children.

The adoption process is much more complex than it seems

For the second season of “Trying”, Jason and Nikki face the adoption process and the problems will not end there, since they have to empathize with the new member and adapt to a new way of life.

What’s more, within a family, friends are always important to get help, and in many cases, the family can be an obstacle to achieving happiness.

If they haven’t seen “Trying”, which is written by Andy Wolton, we recommend doing it and the second season just premiered this May 21.
Here is the spectacular trailer for “Trying”: