Megan Evans dead and Obituary, cause of death

Bullies bombard Meghan Evans with abusive messages on her phone all night, and the 14-year-old responded “yes” in a final heartbreaking exchange where she was told to hang herself. Meghan was found dead at home after secretly battling cyberbullies without telling her parents about her experience.

Her mum Nicola Harteveld said she believed the last message tipped the scales.

She told Wales Online she looks back now and knows “a million per cent” she would have done things differently after admitting she didn’t see signs that her “beautiful, kind and confident” Meghan was struggling.

“I can see something very obvious now because I didn’t have any clues at the time,” Nicola said.

“I’m totally naive about it, I’ve always thought of people with mental health issues – you can clearly see it.

Meghan’s mum Nicola Harteveld (Image: Adrian White Photography)
“If your kids are struggling, they’re going to be in their room, dressed in black, listening to dark music – that’s my stupid take on it at the time.

“My bright, lively Meg, if she came to me and said she had a problem, I’d say: ‘Hurry up, Meg, don’t be so stupid and deal with it’.

“That’s what I might say, I can say it publicly, and that’s why I want to say it. I was wrong. Mental health doesn’t look the way I thought it would.”

Days after Meghan’s funeral, Nicola’s appearance on ITV’s This Morning brought Philip Schofield and Holly Willoughby to tears in the need to share her message with other parents .

Nicola said: “As I went on this morning – I don’t remember much at all – I just wanted to make people aware that this is something we all need to pay attention to because I don’t know.

“Seriously, I probably won’t take her seriously because I don’t know. She’s lively. She’s the life and soul of the party – the life and soul of the house. I don’t see anything.

“I’m not going to forgive myself for the rest of my life for that.”

Since Meghan’s death on February 7, 2017, Nicola has started a degree in psychology at the University of Essex.

Nicola says she can see the signs now: “She slept a lot during the day because she was kept awake at night by the messages, but I didn’t see it then. “The secrecy of her phone – she really wouldn’t have her phone taken from her, I think it’s a little weird now, but then – it wasn’t a clue.”

The mum-of-seven added that she was proud of her 10- to 20-year-olds coming from the other side of losing their sister.

Meghan’s birthday is marked every year with a photo of the family home in Pembrokeshire, with a smile on her face. However, Nicola said she couldn’t bear to watch her daughter’s video.

She added: “Meghan’s birthday is in November, so November is scary. I hate Christmas, for obvious reasons, and then January because I know it’s going to be an anniversary. It’s a scary, Horrible month. You just got past Christmas and then you get that harrowing thing – you know it’s coming.

“Those four months were horrible.”

One of the things that helped her through those tough weeks was stepping into January, an activity designed to promote physical and mental health.

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