Meghan Stabile dead and obituary, Founder, president and CEO – cause of death

When you go into a field like music and event promotion, very few successfully take it to a level where you cause a whole paradigm shift and create a world within a world. Meghan Stabile did that tenfold.

shocked and saddened to learn about the passing of meghan stabile. revive was the first place i ever wrote about jazz, and i always admired her gift for bringing people together. RIP

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Meghan Stabile is a trailblazer in the music industry who has shocked the world with her commitment to advocating the arts, innovative sound and hosting large-scale live events.

Stabil was described in a New York Times feature article as a woman with a bizarre mission: to make jazz relevant to the hip-hop generation, and as a young woman in a world dominated by older men. Doing this in the jazz world at a time when jazz and the recording industry were losing their relevance.

Stabile, a graduate of Berklee College of Music, began performing under the Revive da Live brand, the first iteration of the Revive brand.

Who is Megan Stabil? Thunder cat’s girlfriend

Meghan Stabile is a music business pioneer whose commitment to artistic advocacy, sonic innovation and hosting large-scale live events has earned her a reputation as one of the most forward-thinking thinkers in modern music.

Stabile is now President and CEO of Revive Music Group (RMG) after being selected by President Don Was and signed to be Executive Producer of Blue Note Records.

RMG and Blue Note Records have collaborated on the Otis Brown III album, Marcus Strickland’s Twi-Life, and the first partner label anthology featuring over 40 musicians and more.

Stabile also continues to serve as a creative and branding consultant to several independent artists and contributes to building the global jazz scene through annual concert performances in collaboration with festivals, hosts and organizations around the world.