Melody Haasev leaked onlyf, photos and videos twitter and reddit

Berliner Melody Haase has been in the public eye for years. In 2014, at the age of 19, she tried DSDS, which resulted in some scandals, at least in thematic programs. Since then, she has been revising the format. In 2015 she participated in the Austrian dating show “Dating in Paradise”, two years later in “Adam Sachter Eva” and in 2020 she won the first season of “Couples Challenge” with Xenia von Sachsen , which landed her in the 2021 recording of “Ex on the Beach.”

MRandom News Melody Haasev leaked onlyf, photos and videos twitter and reddit

During this period, the face of Berliners changed again and again. She has had multiple surgeries. In addition to that, she had her nose done, fat removed, and her hips got bigger again and again. Her lips were also sprayed again and again. But it didn’t go well this time, as she reported to her followers on Instagram.

Without mentioning the name, Melody recounted her visit to “a very famous beauty bar” in Berlin where she wanted to pay 1,000 euros to dissolve old lip fillers and give her lips a new look. The results were so shocking that she initially recorded the video with only a surgical mask on her face. Melody also gave up halfway: “The result is not particularly satisfactory.”

But it didn’t stop. “I just looked stupid,” the former DSDS candidate said. “It wasn’t a matter of taste either. I looked worse than ever.” The time had passed when she could laugh, she said, clarifying: “I see Looks like a sex doll!”

Melody Haas shows her bruised lips to her followers
As apparently many followers asked, Melody Haase briefly picked up her surgical mask and stated that she simply couldn’t close her mouth after the procedure. She then made several allegations against the beauty bar. Negative reviews on Google are said to have been removed and positive reviews bought. However, she did not name names because she did not want to give operators a chance to “express themselves”.

In the end, Melody shared a post from the Düsseldorf beauty clinic trying to analyze the flaws in Melody’s treatment. Maybe the reality TV star can save her lips again.