Mercedes Cephas is dead or alive?

My 600 pound life is equally positive and destructive, depending on the individual event and the people involved. As Ace TV Shows pointed out, many reality TV contestants are struggling with some kind of buried trauma, which is usually related to pain or childhood. Take Joan McCami, for example, who fought after her son was killed by gun violence. Many other stars of “my 600 pound life” are simply ignored by their parents, causing them to eat too much food to fill the void.

In the case of Mercedes Cephas, her trauma was due to an attack by her father, who also abused her siblings. Now, as a mother, Cefas relies heavily on her children to help her live a morbidly obese life. At the top of the show, Cephas weighs 773 pounds.

She eventually lost 81 pounds, which is pretty impressive to her, but not so much in the general context of “My 600-Pound Life.” But how has Mercedes Cephas behaved in the past?

Unlike many other My 600 lb-Life participants, Mercedes Cefas is ineligible for bariatric surgery because she has not lost enough weight overall after refusing to follow Dr. Now’s advice and constantly making excuses for the lack of progress of it. Unfortunately, she still seems to hold the same attitude, because a recent update to her Facebook page shows how the mother of two maintains most, if not all, of her weight.

After appearing on the show, Cephas launched a GoFundMe, which read, “I am taking these steps to improve our lives and those of my children. Any donation will be greatly appreciated. I know it will not be easy. I have a lot.” ahead for a long time, but this is the beginning of a healthy life and a journey for me and my children. “

In the end, she only raised $ 175 of the $ 10,000 goal. According to Facebook, the My 600-lb Life star currently lives in Cincinnati, Ohio and appears to be a full-time mom. Her commitment to her children is above all else, and she often posts photos with them. I hope that Cephas follows a healthier lifestyle and uses some of the lessons she learned from Dr. Now accordingly.

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