Mercedes continues to magnify Sunday’s race: “It was the most memorable”

Many think that Mercedes he already has enough palm groves to leave behind some Grand Prix, like the one last weekend. Perhaps because of how tight or tight the test was, many members of the Mercedes team were relieved to see Lewis hamilton win the first date: «It was the most memorable«, They assure.

The Mercedes team engineers spoke after the race this Sunday and made it clear that the wear generated by the fight with the Red bull, especially against Max verstappen, it was very difficult to manage. The German team had to live with stability and top speed problems throughout the weekend, something that complicated the victory.

If not for the decision of the FIA If Max Verstappen returns the position he won in the controversial and now famous Turn 4 of the Bahrain circuit, the results of this Sunday’s race could have been different. Verstappen deserved the victory, just as much as Hamilton for his perseverance and good strategy from Mercedes in attacking and defending when appropriate.

Jame allison

James allison, technical director of the Mercedes team, confessed what were the feelings of staying with the tight victory of the weekend. «It was one of the most exciting experiences. I was biting my nails and my chest burned. We were all holding our breath, crossing our fingers and toes and hoping with all that we had that Lewis endure to the end.

In addition, he assured that this race will remain in the memory of the team for many years. “When he crossed the finish line, there was an outbreak of mass hysteria in our garage. Last year we won many races with great performance, but there will be few as memorable as the one we experienced in Bahrain. It was the most memorable, ”Allison said.

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