Meredith Chapman obituary 2021 - Cause of death

Meredith Chapman obituary 2021 – Cause of death

About a year and a half ago, Meredith Chapman, a former official of the University of Delaware, was shot and killed in his home, making national headlines. Chapman died of what the police called a murder-suicide. The gunman was Janelle Gerardo, he was the wife of Mark Gerardo, and he had been having an affair with Chapman.

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Jennair Gerardot is waiting at his home in Radnor Township in Chapman, Pennsylvania. Meredith Chapman was interviewed during the 2016 campaign for the state Senate. In an interview on the ABC show “20/20” that aired on Friday night, Mark Gerardot revealed the cause of the murder-suicide and new details on how he responded.

Gerardot is writing a book. On the evening of April 23, 2018, Mark Gerardot should meet Jennair Gerardot for dinner.

According to Geraldo, he received a text message from her saying: “I took the wrong turn and I am going to be late.” The next message is: “I won’t come, go home.” Later news said, “You ruined my life” and “I hope you will never find happiness.” The last message: “Goodbye Mark.” Geraldo said he texted Chapman.

When she didn’t reply to the text message, he drove to her house. There, he found Chapman lying face down on the kitchen floor, with only a “smear” of blood on his calf. Then he turned around and found Jennair Gerardot (Jennair Gerardot) also on the ground, dressed in black. The following are other information we learned from the interview. Gerardot-Chapman Homicide-Suicide Case: Full Report Geraldo described the six years he and his wife spent in South Carolina as a “revival” of their relationship, which has been turbulent due to economic problems, he said.

But when she was unemployed, the situation in South Carolina deteriorated, prompting the couple to seek change. The University of Delaware hired Mark Gerardot as its creative director before the 2017-2018 academic year. He reports to Chapman, who first saw him when she interviewed him for the position. Chapman was previously the director of digital communications at UD.


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