Michael Agerter dead and obituary, Murder: Where Is Kathryn Sinkevitch Now?

Michael Agerter dead and obituary, Murder: Where Is Kathryn Sinkevitch Now?

On December 16, 2016, a dispatcher in Maricopa, Arizona, received a surprise call when a woman mentioned that she was on the phone with her cousin when she heard three loud bangs and the line was cut. Police were immediately dispatched to the scene and when they arrived they found Michael Agget shot at close range in his car. Murder tapes uncovered by investigation: Three loud explosions take us to the details of the murder and how the perpetrators were ultimately brought to justice. If you’re interested in the case and want to learn more, you’ve come to the right place.

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How did Michael Agget die?

Maricopa, Arizona resident Michael Agerter has been described as an easy-going man, always ready to help anyone in need. Also, he always greets everyone with a smile and has a reputation for being very friendly to his colleagues. Despite his recent split from his ex-girlfriend Kathryn Sinkevitch and embroiled in a custody battle over their young child, Michael is hopeful things will get better. Also, his charming personality made him popular in the community and he is still missed to this day.

When police received a call on December 16, 2016, about three loud bangs, they arrived at the scene to find Michael Agerter shot dead in his car. While the victim was alive when investigators found him and took him to the nearest hospital, his injuries proved too severe and Michael died shortly after, turning the case into a homicide investigation. While an autopsy later determined that the gunshot wounds led to Michael’s death, law enforcement officers at the scene couldn’t find any other leads that might point to the suspect.

Who killed Michael Agget?

The initial investigation into Michael Agget’s murder has been relatively slow as police have few leads to deal with. However, they searched the area for witnesses and even sat down for several interviews with acquaintances of the victims. However, during a thorough search of the crime scene, police noticed that there were surveillance cameras that could capture the perpetrator’s escape. In fact, after reviewing hours of footage, they saw a woman approach Michael’s car, draw a gun and fire three shots through the glass side window, before fleeing the scene. Interestingly, around the same time, detectives also discovered Michael’s falling out with his ex-girlfriend Katherine, making them prime suspects.

When police investigated Katherine Sinkevich’s life, officers learned that Michael had obtained a restraining order against Katherine in April and the couple had split in March 2016. Still, that August, Katherine gave birth to a baby boy Michael had never seen. However, the victim was convinced he was the child’s father and was determined to prove his paternity. Catherine surprisingly refuted Michael’s claims, even taking him to court for a custody battle, and on the day of the murder, the victim was supposed to have a paternity test.

Interestingly, knowing about the exam, Catherine had an idea about when Michael was home that day. In addition, police found two sets of fake license plates on the ex-girlfriend, indicating a criminal offense. Although there were no witnesses linking Katherine to the murder, police took her case into custody based on circumstantial evidence.