The Murder of Mindy Morgenstern – dead and Obituary – cause of death

In that case, I watched an episode of Heartland Murder. This is Season 3, Episode 1, titled “The Farmer’s Daughter.” A young woman was found dead in her apartment.


Mindy Morgenstern was 22 when he died as a student at Valley City State University. Her parents, Eunice and Larry, adopted her and her sister from Bogota, Colombia. They grew up in New Salem, a small town about 165 miles from Valley City. Mindy is described as a tomboy who loves basketball, rides horses and helps out on the farm. She was nervous about starting college, but her mother reminded her to breathe and she could do it.


On September 13, 2006, Mindy’s friends Toni Baumann and Danielle Holmstrom called her to ask if they could join her for a drink. Mindy didn’t answer, so they decided to go to her apartment.

When they arrived, Tony went upstairs to the apartment and Danielle was waiting in the car. Tony then ran back to tell Danielle that Mindy was dead and had something on his neck.

The two walked into the dark apartment. Mindy was found lying on the ground. There was also a belt around her neck that strangled her. Her throat was also severed and she was nearly decapitated. A bottle of pine sol spilled all over her face, neck and chest.

While Tony and Danielle were in the apartment, a neighbor ran in to check Mindy’s pulse. Danielle described it as strange and she had never seen the man before. Friends then called 911.


Valley City and North Dakota BCI police have been involved in Mindy’s case. Police described the scene as frightening. Two knives were found nearby, the hilts were indeed broken. Mindy fights back, finding the killer’s DNA under her fingernails. Skin cells were collected and sent to a crime lab. There were no signs of break-in or robbery. Mindy’s friends said they didn’t know anyone wanted Mindy dead.


The first person to be asked was Mindy’s neighbor. They asked him what he was doing when he murdered her, which the coroner determined between 12.23pm and 12.47pm. A neighbour said he heard “unusual noise” while watching TV. He said he ran into the apartment and Mindy appeared to be strangled.

Police conducted a background check on him, and he served time in prison. They also asked about the marks on his hands. He said he got it from work. Police took his DNA and released him temporarily.

Suspicious person

In the days following Mindy’s death, people gathered around the apartment complex. A man catches the attention of Mindy’s friends, especially her friend Lacey. Lacey told Valley City Sheriff Dave Swenson about the man. Lacey told Sgt. Swenson that the man was carrying a laundry basket and appeared unaware that friends and acquaintances were mourning the loss of a friend.

The man has been identified as Morris “Moe” Gibbs. He has served time in prison but currently serves as a corrections officer. He also served as a night watchman at the university. Mo was asked about his time in the military. Moe said he was dishonorably fired for the attack. His DNA was also extracted and he was released.


Mindy and her ex-boyfriend dated for about 2-3 years but broke up a few months before her death. According to him, her character was very frivolous. He said they had been in touch for a while, but she had been in touch with his father. He said he was upset that they were still in touch and it was damaging their relationship. His father, who turned out to be one of the last to call Mindy, was also brought in. Both the boyfriend’s and father’s DNA were extracted and it was eventually found that they did not match. You have been expelled from school.

Mindy’s police report

A few weeks before her death, Mindy went to the police station to report that she was being followed. She was horrified and told her mother and friends. Mindy works as a waitress at Roby’s, a popular local restaurant. Mindy is described as a popular waitress with a man living in the motorhome across the street.

The man, described as a homeless and loner, was taken for questioning. He told police he did not know Mindy and had never been to the restaurant. The man had wounds on his arm and said he was doing some maintenance. He was eventually fired when his DNA did not match.

DNA results

On September 18, five days after Mindy’s death, the DNA results came back. DNA collected from Mindy’s fingernails was returned to Moe Gibbs as a match. Moe was asked to return to the station, this time for a polygraph test. The examiner told Moe that he had conflicting answers and asked how his DNA was found under Mindy’s fingernails. Moe said he didn’t know, but had never been to her apartment.