Is Mirta Šurjak’s video leaked of an @dult movie going viral on Reddit real?

After listening to an adult video circulated on the Internet in which she said that she should be the heroine, she immediately reacted and spoke the truth.

Sports reporter Mirta Šurjak (35 years old) shared a photo on Instagram of her in which she looked thoughtfully into the distance, and her fans couldn’t even guess what they would find if they read her description.

That is, she explained how an acquaintance told her that an @dult video was circulating on the Internet, in which “Mirta” had the main role.

She wanted to keep her distance publicly and said that the girl in the video was not her. After watching the video, she saw that the girl had a tattoo that the reporter did not have, and he was much younger than her.

She added that it is not the first time that she has encountered this situation and threatened to take criminal action against anyone who spread the story of her performance in an @dult film.

Strange people live there, unfortunately, they often have a very evil and distorted world view. I think everyone in Lijepa naša thinks that public figures are “public goods”, so you can fabricate their affairs and hit them like a punching bag without legal sanctions. Yesterday, an acquaintance told me that he was an acquaintance of the neighbor who called him, some archival videos, an @dult drama, and the main character should be “me”. To protect myself and all the people I love, I must convey a clear message to the public, tell my friends and enemies that this is not me, write in the description.

-Anyone who knows me will at least see it on a plane. I don’t have a dragon tattoo, and I don’t have fabulous colored monsters on my stomach like the actress in that movie, and I’m still 20 years old, so this actress obviously does. Unfortunately, this is not the first time that I have found myself in such a humiliating and shameful situation in my life, because I believe that all the fools in this country who obviously have no other life or profession think that every “actress” “has a blonde girl. .. Hair, dense body and fuzzy features. In X*X movies on the Internet, they can call my name. Well, he can’t, “she added.

“I remind those who deal with such obscene things once again that all lies and defamation are criminal offenses, and anyone who publishes explicit content under the new proposal of the Amendment to the Criminal Law will face up to three years in prison,” the reporter continued.

-I cannot alleviate the trauma that my relatives and I are experiencing, but I hope that the competent authority responds in the correct way so that I and many other women who are also someone’s daughters, mothers, sisters and wives do not go. In the future Through this hell. Partners: threaten perpetrators and ask public services to respond.

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