Mishel Karen leaked onlyf twitter, Married At First Sight’s videos

Love at first sight Mishel Karen shocked Australia by filming a 12-person sex orgy for OnlyFans.

While the former reality star admits she had a lot of fun during her X-rated romp, she revealed that when she arrived on set, she didn’t know she had signed up for group sex. Speaking to Daily Mail Australia live at Sexpo in Brisbane over the weekend, the 51-year-old was stunned when she realised what awaited her that day.

“I didn’t even know I was going to party!” she cried. “They organized a movie day at some Airbnb, this group of people. You have to pay a deposit. And then everyone said, ‘Yeah, we’re going to shoot a rave! “I was like, ‘I didn’t sign up for this. ‘ I just thought if there were other creators, we could do some videos. Any girl/boy or boy/boy/girl or whatever. But yeah, I didn’t know it was going to be an orgy.

Despite the hesitation, Michelle admits she eventually enthusiastically participated and ended up having a positive experience.

“Some people are gifted at what they can do,” she gushed. “It’s a bit of a mess, and I’m probably with pretty much everyone in one way or another,” she added. “It was also hard work. The video was about 45 minutes long… We had to take a break because it was so long.”

Speaking to Daily Mail Australia at Sexpo, Michelle revealed she had made “hundreds of thousands of dollars” from porn on OnlyFans in just over a year. “My finances have never been more stable,” she shared.

“I’ve never really had a lot of money and that’s okay, it helps life. It just makes life easier.”

Despite her involvement in heinous online sex, Michelle said her family, including her two children, fully supported her lucrative career. “My kids really support me,” she said. “Anyway, you really can’t tell me what to do.”