Missing boy putty found today – AJ Elfalak found safe and sound after missing

A three-year-old boy was found missing from his family’s property in Hunter, New South Wales.

Anthony “AJ” Elfalak has autism and cannot speak. He disappeared from Putty’s house before noon on Friday.

Police, volunteers and other authorities searched the property and surrounding areas over the weekend. AJ was found on Monday morning, three days after his disappearance.

NSW Police said: “The missing three-year-old, Anthony’AJ ‘Elfalak, was found not long ago.”

“NSW ambulance paramedics have yet to assess it.”

Family and friend Alan Hashem told Today that AJ’s older brothers and sisters were taking care of him, and when one had to go to the bathroom, the three-year-old was gone.
“We think if AJ goes anywhere, he won’t be very far away,” he said.
He said the family was driving four ATVs and frantically searching thousands of square feet.
Mr. Hashim also claimed that the CCTV cameras he installed at the property had lost footage of the moment AJ disappeared.

“We set it up so high that it can’t be tampered with. We have two storage mechanisms, cloud storage and physical storage, and there is no data in that time frame,” he said.
“We provide the police with the username and password, and we provide them with the actual original memory card.”

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