Misunderstood? Higuaín against the critics: “The Argentine jersey never weighed on me”

Gonzalo Higuain prepares to start the season in the MLS with the t-shirt of Inter Miami, and gave an extensive interview with La Nación in which he referred to different issues. The Argentine forward spoke openly about what his life has been in the face of criticism, as well as his career playing alongside Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo.

Argentina Selection

After being questioned for his words about the Argentine National Team, Gonzalo Higuain he denied giving in to the pressure. «The message was misunderstood … I did not mean to say that the national team’s jersey weighed on me, I was referring to the pressure represented by playing for an entire country. The Argentine jersey never weighed on me, I mean the responsibility that everything behind it represents. With your team’s jersey you have a city behind you, and with the national team you have 40 million people who can make you feel that their happiness depends on you ».

Higuaín and the critics

Faced with the immense wave of criticism against him, ‘Pipita’ highlighted the immense sacrifice he has had to make throughout his career. “It’s true that today people see me and say: ‘HiguainWhat are you complaining about with the money you have? He is healthy, he has his daughter, he lives where he wants … ‘Yes, but Higuain He has been from the age of 9, from the lower ones, breaking the fret so that it goes well. The money I have did not fall from heaven, I earned it, day by day, sweat by sweat. I played in Madrid, in Napoli, in Juventus, in Milan, in Chelsea, again in Juventus and you share your birthdays with different colleagues, Christmas, and your lifelong friends and your parents you see little and nothing … » .

«You have to eat the mistreatment of the press, the mistreatment of the fans … Everyone judges you, and no longer football, because for some years neither the media nor the fans judge you football, but if you are fat, if you are skinny, if you’re bald … I peeled myself and grew a long beard and became the news, but no one wonders how I will be in football. You peel and you are news … well, that speaks of the importance of one too. Yes, the price to pay is high, but you live with that and I always knew it was going to happen. I can’t say that I was surprised »added the Argentine.

Messi and Cristiano

Higuain He considered that he was the footballer who best got on with the best in the world, Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. “If I was the footballer who played the most with both of them, then I was the one who understood both of them the most. Understand Cristiano and understand Messi … the problem is not theirs, the problem is yours. I knew what they liked, what they didn’t like, how they felt most comfortable, how they felt most uncomfortable. So they felt that they could also lean on me. When they have a player at their side who relies 100% on them, they do not feel detached from all responsibilities. They are two totally different players, and I had the privilege of enjoying and learning from both of them.

Gonzalo Higuain
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