Who is Mizkif Jenna twitch? Photos and videos leaked onlyf jenna lynn Meowri reddit

Jenna “Meowri”, who was responsible for the seven-day ban of Twitch streamers Mizkif and Esfand, made a controversial statement in a recent stream about why she had her legal team involved. “Everything I’ve contacted my lawyer is about me being unprofessional, like just being drunk on camera,” Meowri said on Wednesday’s livestream. “I just don’t want that.”

MRandom News Who is Mizkif Jenna twitch? Photos and videos leaked onlyf jenna lynn Meowri reddit

On April 30, Esfand posted a lengthy statement on Twitter, confirming that he and friend Mizkif had been temporarily banned for the incident between PAX East and Meowri.

Who is Mizkif Jenna twitch

Streamer/cosplayer,” Esfand said. “She basically portrayed Mizkif as her bitch. Doing things like looking at his face and telling him calling her ‘Dad’ for humor’s sake is essentially ‘fake behavior’. “

“At some point in the middle, I turned the camera away for a few seconds, and when the camera turned back to Mizkif, he said, ‘She’s just sucking my dick!’ I replied sarcastically, ‘…really ?'”

The pair didn’t particularly think about it until Meowri Esfand wrote a message a few days later saying she didn’t like the joke. It believes it has resolved the issue privately and is no longer looking forward to it.

A month after that private conversation, Meowri’s lawyer contacted Twitch, which resulted in her being suspended for seven days. For full-time streamers, a ban of any duration can hurt their income, potential business relationships, and most importantly, their reputation.

Based on her recent comments, Meowri appears to be claiming that she didn’t get her lawyers to file a sexual harassment lawsuit on Twitch, only to have the clips removed from the platform out of embarrassment.

“In my position, I feel like if a guy talks to a woman like that, he’s going to get so much shit, so I can’t do that,” Meowri said.

Meowri mentions, among other things, having Mizkif call her “daddy,” ask her if she’s a “slut,” and keep her face very close to him, etc.

“I just wanted to delete that [shot],” she said. “I have never filed a sexual harassment charge.”

Other streamers, such as Trainwrecks, did not take her explanation well.

“So you made a mistake, you acted unprofessional, you made a bad decision, you screwed up,” Train said. “To right you wrong, you took the names of Esfand and Mizkif, sexually harassed them online for life, and banned them for seven days.”

After serving the ban, Mizkif and Esfand returned to Twitch to a warm welcome from the community without losing any public sponsorship or brand deals.

Raw footage of the events between Meowri, Esfand, and Mizkif can be viewed below, starting at 2:03:00.