Mogusa Shirose dead or still alive? cause of death – whats happened?

“Anatomy EP” is a three-track EP that begins with “Anatomy,” a massive collaboration with our friend Mogusa. He debuted on our main label about a month ago with a mysterious tune “Fiji”. It gained global support for over 12,000 games within a month. “Anatomy” is another incredible display of his talent, which, combined with Mick Mazoo’s vision, gives us another incredible gem. The EP continues with “Avoir,” a deeper, softer tune driven by soft, easy melodies and bass lines. Last but not least, “Nevada” introduces a bubbling and rolling bassline full of incredible over-the-top melody.

This “Anatomy EP” is the sound of today because it pushes the boundaries of dance music. In short, this EP is your record label’s must-have dance move. All three tracks are sonically synchronized and explore the limits of dance musicality.