Who is Monica Huldt? Photos and videos leaked onlyf and reddit

Gender roles are the subject of frequent and heated debate around the world. That is, although the general norm is to “dare” to challenge the old standards, there are also people who feel more comfortable with the “traditional” line.

So, while there are women in the world who have struggled to build careers after overcoming countless historical gaps, there are also cases like that of Monica Huldt, who claimed to feel comfortable being a housewife and putting her husband’s needs first. No problem.

The Swedish-American housewife is also a noted influencer. Huldt, 31, has thousands of followers on all of her networks and keeps assuring them that she is not interested in working or being the “great professional” that the world of work expects.

Instead, Monica prefers to care for and please her husband. In an exclusive interview with Jam Press, the influencer said that she and her partner love classic “classics” about gender roles.

“I have never been a woman trying to do something great. Honestly, I don’t want to work; I love being a housewife and taking care of my husband. Since I saw the movie Mrs Steve Steve, I knew that I wanted to be myself life is exactly the same .”

Following this line, Monica’s husband (John, a personal trainer) is the one who provides the main food for her household. On her part, Monica takes care of the house and takes care of everything that her couple needs.

Monica hinted that the key to any marriage is respect and consent: she never felt pressured to be a “housewife.”

Of course, Monica changed her routine to get some extra money. A typical day for her includes getting up early, making lunch, cleaning the house, and making sure John has everything for her.

When it’s all over, Monica will follow a careful exercise routine to stay in perfect shape. In fact, the young woman has her own OnlyF account. Her husband has no objection to this, but he has a number of conditions:

“John likes me to dress like a sexy jock at home, he doesn’t like me to do my makeup at home. Some women may not accept being told what to do or wear, but I don’t mind. If he’s happy, Just be happy”.

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