Morbius post credits scenes, Marvel fans across the world

Marvel fans around the world have been conflicted about their feelings about the latest entry into Sony’s Spider-Man universe. Morbius received underwhelming reviews and was one of the lowest-grossing films in Marvel movie history. From production to performance to story, this Jared Leto-directed movie will have a hard time for Marvel believers. As the film draws to a close, Mobius manages to make Marvel history with a post-credits scene.

MRandom News Morbius post credits scenes, Marvel fans across the world

The situation between Sony and Disney, SSU and MCU, and what’s in each canon is shaky at best. While there’s a notable lack of world-building between Morbius’ credits, the post-credits scene is arguably the most important that Desert fans have ever seen, especially when it comes to Sony’s Spider-Man universe.

There’s a lot to be said about the background of these two scenes, but it’s the historical connection between the two. Ever since Marvel Movies started including two post-credits scenes in 2012’s The Avengers, the theme has been mostly world-building and comedic relief.

To recap, in the two post-credits scenes of Morbius, Michael Keaton reprises his role as Adrian Toomes, aka The Vulture. The first shows Vulture being transported from prison to SSU, his last known whereabouts in Spider-Man: Homecoming.

Toomes doesn’t seem surprised to be in a completely different universe, and the screen cuts to the credits. Then history will be made. The second post-credits scene, a direct sequel to Vulture, sees him teleported to this universe when he meets protagonist Michael Morbius to discuss a team to hunt down the web-slinger known as Spider-Man.

This marks the first time in Marvel history that two post-credits scenes are narratively linked in the same film. Before Morbius, Marvel’s end credits tags had never followed up the story threads in the film’s previous end credits scenes.

Additionally, Morbius is the first non-MCU Marvel movie to feature two post-credits scenes. Despite the negative response from fans and critics, Mobius is history in its own right.