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A TikTok user explained in a now-widespread video why some hiring managers at major companies reportedly choose not to hire the most qualified applicants.

TikToker Runa Jiang (@rulewithruna), who shares career and business tips, posted a video claiming that recruiters tend to hire “the least risky person.”

“As a hiring manager, you no longer get paid for doing well…but if your candidates continue to quit early or flout authority, you’re punished,” Jiang said.

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“Which candidates quit early and flout authority? Usually those who are the brightest or most qualified in terms of experience and intelligence,” she added.

Jiang said the interview questions were designed to gauge a candidate’s “risk”.

“‘Why did you leave your company?’ Measure your risk of leaving again. “What is your greatest weakness? “Just seeing you screwed up. It’s really all psychology,” she claims.

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Her clip, released on May 30, titled “What an Interview Really Means: Part 1,” has been viewed more than 500,000 times as of this writing.

In the comments section of the TikTok video, Jiang posted a disclaimer, saying “it’s definitely fair to have hiring managers and only select the most qualified candidates if you’re one of them — honor.”

“It just goes to show that the reward and performance systems of big companies don’t inspire this type of human behavior,” she added.

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This post has received mostly positive feedback from recruiters and job seekers.

“As a hiring manager, I can attest—personality matters too,” wrote one commenter.

“I’ll be doing an interview with Microsoft next week. I’ll tell them my biggest weakness is that I don’t know how to stop,” another joked.

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In a follow-up post on June 5, Jiang said startups hire the most qualified candidates because “they need high performers to solve problems.”

“There’s another reason why you rarely hear questions like ‘what is your biggest weakness?’ in startup interviews,” Jiang said. “Startup interview questions often sound like, ‘Here’s a problem, how would you solve it?'”

“Then aren’t you afraid of these candidates leaving?” she continued. “Of course it is. That’s why they provide such a great service and pay you based on the problems you can solve, not the years of experience you have. Biggest difference: startups would rather stay for three months and solve the problems they encounter. A big problem is to stay for three years and do nothing.”