Mosul Orb video leaked on twitter, US silent on UFO filmed

A U.S. military spy plane has filmed a metal-looking bullet in an active conflict zone, but the Defense Department declined to answer questions about it.

In April 2016, a surveillance plane flew over Mosul, Iraq, and captured a four-second clip of an unidentified anomaly, a government-coined term meaning unidentified flying object. Jeremy Corbell, an investigative reporter and documentary filmmaker, was the only civilian named at the historic UAP Congressional hearings in May 2022. He and investigative reporter George Knapp posted the photo on Jan. 24 on their show.

Corbell shared the photo with Fox News Digital and said it was the first time the U.S. public had seen a specific UFO in an active conflict zone, posing potential problems for fighters because they didn’t know who had it it. “As you know, we’re shooting down things right now over the United States of America, but we didn’t really identify them until we shot them down,” Kerber said, referring to the four aerial objects shot down over the United States, including a Chinese spy balloon. Eight-day itinerary.

The origin of the other three objects remains unknown, President Joe Biden said at a news conference Thursday afternoon, adding that they are now believed to likely come from private entities unrelated to China or other surveillance operations. “I ordered the mining of these objects, and the risk of surveillance cannot be ruled out,” Biden said, which could represent a more aggressive approach to combating UFOs. “The rules of engagement of how and why we can shoot objects are being completely rewritten right now,” Kerber said in an interview Thursday ahead of the president’s speech.

“That’s a problem because if we had two countries shoot at these UFOs, these UFOs, then we could have a firefight and each country could think it was the other’s asset.” Spokeswoman Susan Gough declined to answer multiple questions when reached by phone by Fox News Digital on Wednesday.

“We have nothing to say,” Goff repeated when asked about the “Pearl of Mosul.” “We don’t discuss intelligence matters.” Gough again declined to comment when asked if there had been other sightings similar to the Mosul Ball, or if the aircraft that was recently shot down in the United States had similar characteristics.

Corbell argued that there was “no reason” not to allow the video to be seen by the American public. Interest and speculation surrounding UFOs has grown since last week, when warplanes shot down at least four of the planes that were the subject of a secret Senate briefing Tuesday.